Monday, August 18, 2014

Murders of Innocents Because of Religion

Yes, it's still happening on this planet--the murders of innocent people because of their religion.  We are seeing ISIS brutally execute Christians for no reason other than their religious beliefs. Just like innocents of other nations and other times have been and are being murdered because of their religion.  In the Crusades it was the Christians who were doing the murdering--in the name of Christ. And on and on it goes...

For the most part, this planet is not a place of evolved souls -- many are still in the beginning stages of learning.  What you do to others, you do to yourself is a very true statement.  Apparent "others" are ourselves--literally.  There is only One Energy playing all the parts....over and over and over.  Religions have been a necessary evil in an unevolved world, to restrain the brutal impulses of the ignorant. But they don't really work, because those who gain power in the religions are unevolved and conscienceless...and brutal.  The crazies take over the asylum and murder of innocents is the result. 

I do feel some optimism, even in these dark times, because science (in the form of quantum physics) is now verifying what mystics/sages have tried to tell us over the centuries--we are all One, appearing as many -- but always and only the One. The world, the universe, and all the apparent separate beings in it are a mirage, an illusion very much like a hologram. Our true nature is spiritual--our true essence never dies.  It just incarnates over and over, in apparently different bodies, learning a little more each time.  Some on this planet have grown to understand this -- and their numbers are increasing, slowly but surely. 

Jesus, in his great wisdom, cautioned not to throw pearls before swine.  The swine are still among us, so to speak -- those whose minds are closed to the true message of great beings like Christ who have visited this planet time and again in order to instill the understanding of Oneness (nonduality) in those who could hear.  Up until now, very few through the ages could hear the clear message of love and peace--and Oneness.  But more are becoming awakened now, with the help of scientific advances that are pointing us toward the metaphysical realm for answers as to who/what we really are.

As one online site puts it,

What Does Quantum Physics Say About Nonduality?

Discoveries in Quantum Science have upended many traditional beliefs held by Western culture regarding the solidity of the world and its independent reality. The discovery that the world was, in fact, round and not flat took generations to filter into the general society. Like this, 20th Century discoveries of Quantum Mechanics have not penetrated into high school educational texts yet.  Over the next decades, what has been known for almost 50 years will become common knowledge in mainstream culture. This knowledge will radically change how we interact with each other and the world.

Quantum Science does not explain nonduality; but familiarity with its conclusions does provide a terrific benefit: it dislodges and destabilizes our belief systems regarding the independent existence of the material world and our relationship to it.  This destabilization quickly allows for a renewed, more open investigation into the nature of our experience of the body, mind and world. Until these rigid, fixed assumptions fall away, the full force of our direct experience is as if hidden. The great joke is that it is hidden by  us, from us. 

An open mind is necessary to allow in new knowledge and understanding.  Religions are closed-minded, rigid, and power-and-rule-invested/infested. In order to keep the "faithful" in line, the rules have to be rigorous and unyielding -- and the punishment for disobeying them must be extreme (loss of Heaven, pains of Hell, etc.).  These have been made into simplistic, juvenile pictures for the kind of consciousness that is prevalent on Earth.  Jesus spoke in simple parables because he knew his followers were otherwise unable to understand the principles he was teaching.  I am hopeful that more mature understanding is developing in the minds of many on the planet at this time.  Scientists, doctors, neurosurgeons and the like are having near-death experiences and reporting them to the world.  Although many others have had this kind of experience throughout the centuries, unless they had credentials honored by the world at large, their stories have mostly been ignored by the general populace.  But when credentialed doctors, physicists, etc. begin to report the same kinds of experiences -- and with quantum physics now dovetailing scientific "facts" with the mystical wisdom teachings of the ages, perhaps more minds will be opened.  And Earth, as a planet, will start to come out of the Dark Ages.

We can only hope -- and learn -- and grow.  It's the only way things will change.