Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ever see Bill O'Reilly speechless?

Impossible, you say?  Well, it came close in his debate with Megyn Kelly re. white privilege in this country.  What a pleasure it was, for just this one time, to see someone in a conversation with O'Reilly actually GET TO SPEAK without being interrupted by bullying shout-overs!!!  OMG! What NEXT? Will pigs begin to fly????

To see this extraordinary, probably never-to-be-seen-again moment on FOX, go to:

Kelly is a lawyer -- and her ratings on FOX have gone higher than O'Reilly's.  He is obviously cowed by her.  He is SO transparent!  Thinks he is Big Man on Campus and is just a snively little jerk. He's met his match in Kelly, who actually had some true things to say about differences in life situations between whites and blacks.  Imagine that on FOX!  It almost feels like we have entered an alternative universe.  But Kelly brings us back to Earth in the end, returning to Murdoch's Fox guidelines... Sigh. It was to be expected. But for a few moments, it was heavenly to hear truth actually being spoken on Fox.  Will wonders never cease?