Sunday, August 10, 2014

Stupidity/arrogance/race-car drivers = tragedy at Canandaigua, NY

Grown men racing cars like little boys: for Tony Stewart, multi-millionaire, this is his "hobby."  His hobby, cruelly trying to eliminate other race cars from the race by forcing them to the wall, ended up killing a forced-to-the-wall driver who got angry, exited his car and tried to let Stewart know how very angry he was....well, shaking his fist was his last gesture, as Stewart's car ran right over him, killing him instantly.  A combination of stupidity, anger, arrogance, and testosterone.  A deadly mix.  Sadly, this is the state of the mass of human consciousness on planet Earth, which is why our planet is in such trouble.  Am sure this was an "exciting" night of entertainment for the race car fans (much like the cheering masses in the Roman colosseum centuries ago).

But not to worry. The entertainment won't be canceled. The races will go on today, of course, and Stewart plans to be driving, pushing other cars into walls until and unless someone does it to him and his car.  After all, the death of one man is just a minor blip in the world of race car "fun." And winning at all costs is the point...isn't it?  Vrrruuummmmm Vrruuummmmm.... Rev up your motors, boys, and let's get back on the track!..... to nowhere. 

And this we call living.  On planet Earth.