Friday, August 01, 2014

KILL THE MESSENGER -- new movie on Gary Webb and Dark Alliance story

Video (just over 2 minutes):  
Gary Webb: 'Kill the Messenger' - Official Trailer

When Gary Webb's
Dark Alliance series' was published, revealing that the U.S. government allowed/implemented drug running and deliberate drug selling in inner cities, it was a story of epic proportions.  I remember reading it in the San Jose Mercury News and applauding Webb's thorough investigation.  This story was a major coup for the Mercury News -- but it didn't last for long.  Oh my, no...a true story like this couldn't be allowed to go into the public mind without refutation/denial/nullification by the government and all the big newspapers it owns.  So the NY Times, the LA Times, and Washington Post accusedly jumped on the Mercury News (instead of jumping on the truth bandwagon as the 4th estate is supposed to do in a government of the people, for the people, by the people--so-called). Declaring Webb's thoroughly documented series to be false, the big papers carried water for the deceptive government, putting so much pressure on the San Jose paper that its editor felt forced to print a retraction, thereby sealing the fate and ruining the reputation of Gary Webb, a man who had dug thoroughly and deeply to find the truth and report it. 

Kill the Messenger
, a movie coming out in October, tells the sordid facts about the whole dirty deal and the threats that ultimately led to Gary's tragic death.  Anyone who still thinks we live in the land of the free (and the truth) should schedule themselves to see this movie and learn the real facts about all that is being hidden from us.  If you still trust the newspapers to give you the truth....well, good luck to you on that.   An excellent book to read on this case and MANY others of the same nature that were not allowed to come out into the public eye is INTO THE BUZZSAW.  Highly recommended for those who prefer truth to the lie-saturated pabulum being dished out to us daily by government-dominated news sources--in newsprint and on TV.

Read about Kill the Messenger below, from the Forbidden Knowledge site:

This is a trailer for a dramatic
Hollywood thriller being released
this October, that's kind of a
break though, in and of itself
because it lays bare the
unfathomable corruption of the
US Government, as far as the
1980s. The film is based on the
true story of Pulitzer Prize-winning
journalist, Gary Webb and stars
two-time Academy Award nominee,
Jeremy Renner ('The Bourne Legacy',
'The Hurt Locker').

The real-life San Jose Mercury News
reporter, Gary Webb stumbled onto a
story, which led to allegations that the
CIA was aware of major dealers who
were smuggling cocaine into the US,
and using the profits to arm rebels
fighting in Nicaragua.

Webb kept digging, to uncover a
conspiracy with explosive implications
- and drawing the kind of attention
that threatened not only his career and
his family but ultimately, took his life.
Alexandra Bruce

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