Saturday, February 07, 2009

2-minute video on how things work in our world: More disappearing technology

In our world today, greed and power rule -- and that is why there will be NO bipartisanship in Congress, no matter how earnest and honest a president we may have. And why our world will have to fall apart completely before things like long-lasting car batteries and cars that use water for fuel will be allowed to rise to the surface of our consciousness. Geniuses like Nikola Tesla died in poverty, their inventions and discoveries hidden from us all--because they wanted to give us FREE electricity, FREE energy -- and that could never be allowed by those who rule us through power and money. J.P. Morgan kept Tesla's discoveries from the world in the early part of the 20th century -- and others just like Morgan are here today in our present-day world, doing the same thing to this generation. If something is discovered to benefit our planet and its people--and it might take away profits from the ruling class, be assured we will never hear of it! No doubt you saw the earnings of the big oil companies for last year -- and you've probably noticed that, even though the price of a barrel of oil is down to $40 as of yesterday, the prices at the pumps are steadily rising again. Hmmm.... You may be interested in the following short video (a little over 2 minutes):

What if a battery existed that allowed
you to drive your car for 300 miles
on a single charge?

That would easily take care of most
people's daily commuting needs.

Unfortunately, we're years away from
having a battery like this right?


It exists, or rather it

GM acquired the company that owned
the technology -- in producing, not
on the drawing board - and then GM
sold it to Chevron.

Now it's gone.