Monday, May 12, 2008

Red State Update -- Humorous but oh so true

Ya' gotta' love it!  Red state Republican voters speaking out with all the vehemence they can muster in their little pin heads.  I agree with 'em -- for God's sake, let's us Dems pick a candidate and go with HIM!  The Republicans picked their candidate -- except, of course, for the Ron Paul guys who are going to start a revolution at their convention.  But hey, it's the good ol' American way....isn't it?  I've got to say these guys are really funny! (~.~) They've got their routine down to a "T."  I am still laughing! 

One big question: how in Heck can we make Hillary and Bubba go away?!!!!!  Dem. voters in West Virginia, perhaps cousins of these two guys in the video, apparently love her and will vote for her in overwhelming numbers.  Or, actually, the truth is they would never vote for a black man (who they honestly think is a Muslim--so help me God).  Some people will believe anything the neocon propagandists throw at them--and that is how Bush & Cheney got in TWICE. 

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Red State Update