Monday, April 07, 2008

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60 Minutes: Doug Feith once again earns his nickname

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As John noted the other day, Douglas Feith is one of the most deceitful war architects, a difficult distinction to attain considering the company. On “60 Minutes” this Sunday, Feith was confronted by Steve Kroft with all the “miscalculations” he made as one of the primary enablers of the administration’s disastrous march to war.

** For those of you who may have forgotten, General Tommy Franks is on record calling Feith “the stupidest f*cking guy on the planet.” **

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It’s quite remarkable that Donald Rumsfeld of all people — in a memo Feith calls “the Parade of Horribles” — predicted exactly what the “downsides” to war would be. Even more remarkable is that it seems he took every step necessary to fulfill his own doomsday prophesies. Literally every single one of these has come to fruition.

Kroft summarizes some of them:

* the possibility that the U.S. could become so absorbed with its Iraq effort that it would pay inadequate attention to other serious problems;

* that war could cause more harm and entail greater costs than expected;

* that it would not go on for two to four years, but eight to 10 years;

* that terrorist networks could improve their recruiting and fundraising as a result of the U.S. being depicted as anti-Muslim;

* that Iraq could experience ethnic strife among Kurds, Sunnis and Shia;

* the war could damage America’s relationship with allies and its reputation in the world community.

Feith’s response?:

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