Friday, April 04, 2008

Air-powered cars

Cars that drive on compressed air -- autos of the future? Fill up at the
air pump? Will the oil magnates allow it? Remember what happened to
Nikola Tesla when he announced to J.P. Morgan that he had discovered
"free energy" from the electromagnetic energy of the earth. His
research $$ was taken away, Morgan made the plans disappear, and Tesla
stayed a poor man for the rest of his life. So, given that corporate
greed like that is still rampant in today's world, unless the oil
magnates and our governments can find ways to make this pay off for
them, air-powered cars may not make it onto the world stage in any great
numbers--until all the oil runs out, or until they figure out a way to
charge lots of $$ for air.

Stay tuned..... but first see the video at: