Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Soothing, calming music for Deep Inner Peace

Purely Beautiful... No need to understand the words (I believe they are in Sanskrit -- the word "Shanti" means "Peace."). I love the second one--oh, what incredibly soothing voices... and such a heart-touching, lilting tune... To listen to it is to fall in love with it. 💕💟😇💕❤
This is a heavenly site to send to friends and loved ones to soothe the spirit in these troubled times.  And there are more wonderful sites like this to explore in the sidebar when you call up this link:

Such soft, beautiful voices in these ancient songs/chants- wonderful to listen to at bedtime or any time you just want to feel inner peace. Like hearing songs of angels. As one listener/commenter posted on the youtube site:

Shanti or Inner Peace, that reclusive place within us and still we find it hard to find it. As the daily activities, our aims and to-do lists fill our days.. that continuous running, running after something in future or fixing something in the past takes up our time, energy. we get a little too far away from our peaceful inner self. Not our fault. That's how we all collectively built this world, which has brought the human race to where we are today. We created thousands of comforts for ourselves, but still we are not comfortable inside. We create so many processes, tools, internet to help us, to make our lives easy, but we still feel uneasy inside. Sometimes, we crave for the time when life was easy and simple. We can not go back 1000 years, but we can use the techniques, used by people back then to find that inner peace, which is there inside all of us.