Saturday, June 11, 2016

Jon Stewart Tells Exactly What Is Wrong with HIllary Clinton's Campaign

But, of course, Trump is worse!!!

As one commenter on this article wrote (and I agree 100% with him):
Hillary comes across as "afraid to say what she thinks about anything for fear of alienating this or that constituency." There's a flip side, too, which is perhaps more obvious. What she does say about almost everything sounds rehearsed, poll-tested, and full of carefully constructed loopholes. Pressed about whether she supports Bernie's idea of a federal ban on fracking, she says she supports the idea and would have no problem if individual states decide to issue such a ban. Or, on whether she would endorse Bernie's idea of a $15 federal minimum wage, sure, she'd support any state that wanted to do that. On TPP, she's now against it, just like Bernie, except that her problem is with some minor features that were changed after she earlier said she's for TPP – edits that could easily be reversed if and when she chooses to change direction, again. On taking down Libya's government – she was the driving force, or it was entirely Obama's decision, depending on whether the audience liked what happened. On Palestinians, she wants a two-state solution, just as soon as Israel decides it wants it too. Perhaps it is because of those canned, calculated non-answers that listeners have so much difficulty figuring out what she really thinks, much less what she would actually do if elected.