Wednesday, July 12, 2017

New Netflix documentary streaming recommendation: Extraordinary, the Stan Romanek Story

Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story
Anyone who may be curious as to whether extraterrestrials have visited the Earth will want to watch this astounding story of Stan Romanek, an average guy who could be your next-door neighbor, and his heavily documented encounters with ETs.  Videos, audio tapes, police reports, credible documentation of all kinds make his story the most documented abduction story ever related to the public (which makes it dangerous to the government that doesn't want this kind of information out to the people).  The title is apt. This is an EXTRAORDINARY story. 

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As Stan says, he is not trying to prove it to anyone -- he's been asked to tell his story and share the documentation, and leaves it up to you to ask yourself: What if it is true? 

This is a remarkable video documentary. For those who have streaming Netflix, I recommend it as something that will give you much to think about--and of all the ramifications for us on planet Earth if his well-documented story is true.  For anyone who already counts themselves as a skeptic, this documentary may not change your mind and might even strengthen your disbelief, as the epilogue (included in this Netflix-produced documentary) tells us that Stan has now been charged with computer child pornography. See story on snopes:   His trial on these charges is slated to take place at the end of this month (July 2017) and his defense team is determined to bring into the courtroom documented evidence of UFOs and Stan's experiences. It will be interesting to see how much, if any, of this will be allowed.

Anyone who has followed UFO information for years (as I have--attending many UFO seminars and meeting many of the well-known credentialed experts in this field) knows that accusations (and computer planting) of child porn is one of the favorite means of the black ops in government to shut up anyone who is considered too believable in their UFO stories.  Stan Romanek was warned many times by black operatives (those infamous "Men in Black" that have been made fun of in the movies) to stop telling his story and showing his films. He refused. Just like UFO investigator Wendelle Stevens, who refused years ago to stop telling the stories of experiencers whom he had personally interviewed -- and was arrested for child porn. Anyone who knew Wendelle, a gentleman of the highest order and a well-regarded retired military Colonel, knew this was a ridiculous charge against him; yet he was sent to prison for it.  Whistleblowers and UFO experiencers know they are taking great risks when going against government warnings.  And they pay heavy prices.  I hope Stan Romanek will be able to prove his innocence in court.  He and his wife have suffered greatly through the years of his UFO experiences, but he has steadfastly stuck to the truth as he has experienced it. 

I hope those who watch the film will keep an open mind -- it is so hard to know in these cases how much of it is government-coverup-related and how much actually ET-related.  Whenever a contactee's story becomes too believable, the govt. rushes in to salt it with disinformation to make it appear ridiculous. Although other countries' governments (France and the UK, and even the Vatican, for instance) are much more open about admitting ET visitations to Earth, the U.S. has continually denied it overtly, while covertly working with extraterrestrials for decades -- just read online stories about Area 51--all of the reports of workers there over the years can't be lies.  The government's stated fear of admitting all this to the world at large is that government control will be eroded and people will run screaming into the streets--especially the fundamentalists of all religions, whose beliefs will be threatened and shaken to the core.
With all this said, I leave it to you as to whether you want to view Stan's story. You may dismiss it with a laugh and think I am naive, but I think he is credible. But I have had many years to consider the facts that have been presented over and over and over about extraterrestrials on earth, by scientists, physicists, and high government and military officials who want to get the truth out.  So this is not a mind-shocking documentary for me.  Eventually, it will be admitted by all governments on earth that we are not alone in the universe--and all the stories that have been ridiculed, and the people, like Stan, who have been cruelly vilified, imprisoned, and even killed for trying to get the word out, will finally be recognized as having told the truth.  That may not happen in my lifetime, but I believe it will happen in the lifetime of my children and grandchildren.
Lastly, I highly recommend the book: Kennedy's Last Stand: Eisenhower, UFOs, MJ-12 and JFK's Assassination by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D. as a wealth of information about the attempts of presidents and high government authorities to get the word out about ET visitation to Earth--and the prices they paid for their attempts to alert the populace.  Informative facts about the sudden mysterious deaths of CIA Director William Colby, Naval Secretary James Forrestal, Marilyn Monroe and columnist Dorothy Kilgallen are included in this riveting book that will definitely hold your attention.  Read reviews of it on amazon at: