Sunday, July 09, 2017

Interesting videos for those curious about whether we are alone in the universe

If  you have time, you might want to check this out.  If you are a curious type, and have a few hours over a couple days in which to view the following 3 videos, I think you will find the information to be (at the very least) fascinating.  Ads will suddenly appear several times in each of the videos. You can skip these annoying ads by clicking on the link "skip this ad" that appears within them as they begin -- and the documentaries will immediately continue.  Even if you find the information in these videos all too hard to believe, it will give you some food for thought as events in our world unfold in weeks and months to come.  I used to read science fiction, but what we are now being told is real, actually stretches the imagination far more than fiction ever did!

#1:    This is a purported video taping of what may be the last days of an actual extraterrestrial biological entity (EBE) that the U.S. had in custody in Nevada until it died from failure of its heart/lung organ (which medical sources who viewed its autopsy say is one organ in these beings).  Instead of viewing the entire video, in order to see the entity, go to 47.06 in the video and continue to 1:04.  Some good observations are made by interviewees in this particular area of the video, along with the entire video of the entity, purportedly made by the Dept. of Naval Intelligence (note the DNI numbers at the bottom of the tape as it runs).  Even those who tend to think it is a hoax admit the video is incredibly good in its portrayal.  One Oscar-winning Hollywood graphics designer said, if it is a hoax, whoever did it would be considered among the best in Hollywood and would be hired immediately if they came there.  Along with other interviewees on the video (and based on the many years of evidence I have personally read, listened to and reviewed both online and in person at UFO seminars), I tend to think the tape of the entity is probably real


And NOW, in 2017 --
this is most important news from Dr. Steven Greer who has spent more than 25 years in deep investigation of this subject. Dr. Greer has produced the documentary UNACKNOWLEDGED now available to be ordered at  His book of the same title is available on Amazon. I ordered it and am in the midst of reading it right now.

Here on youtube is Dr. Greer's interview about the UNACKNOWLEDGED info and his announcement that False Flag Operations may already have begun: