Sunday, July 23, 2017

Trump plans an 18-day August vacation at his golf resort

The Donald hasn't had enough vacation yet, even with all the many weekends he's taken to play golf and goof off at his many resorts.  

Remember when the Republicans were complaining about Obama playing golf and taking "too many" vacations?  Oh, for those good old days to come back again when we had a President actually dedicated to his job! 

You'll never hear Trump supporters complain about their Dear Leader taking time off, though--even if he were to take a 3 month vacation (and I WISH he would!).  Even if he were to shoot someone in cold blood in daylight on 5th Avenue in NY City, they would still love him.  

The Alt-right don't realize they are in a dictatorship cult. It resembles the way the Germans idolized their Fuhrer Hitler and how the Italians adored their "Il Duce."  Fox News helps keep the Trump cult going, and the deluded Trumpsters devotedly and blindly follow their leader as if he were the Pied Piper of Hamlin. He speaks their language, which most of the time is unintelligible to the rest of the world.  As Trump once proudly exclaimed, "I LOVE the poorly educated!!!!"  Oh yes, he does.  They keep him afloat.

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When the going gets tough, the tough get going. As opposed to Donald Trump, who goes golfing. He's already established himself as the laziest, most uninterested, most feeble weakling to ever occupy the office of President of the United States. And now that the clock is ticking on how much longer he might be able to hang onto that office, he's decided not to even try to put up a real fight. Instead he's taking the mother of all vacations.

According to flight plan records, Donald Trump is preparing to head to his New Jersey golf resort from August 3rd to August 20th (link). That's a whopping eighteen days away from the White House. He's already spent almost a third of his presidency at golf resorts, but vanishing from the White House for this many consecutive days is a new low even for him. And while it's not as if he's been doing anything while he's in Washington DC, abandoning the city at this time is his worst possible strategic move.

We see the Republican Congress quietly backing away from Donald Trump by letting his disastrous health care bill die, and by preparing to take away his ability to lift Russian sanctions. If Trump wants to survive this withdrawal, his best bet is to be in Washington DC, to use the power of the Oval Office, and to try to motivate (or scare) these Republicans into sticking with him. Instead he's skipping town.

No one in Washington takes a threat from the President seriously if it's coming from a guy with a 25% approval rating who's hiding out at a golf resort in New Jersey. Donald Trump's minimal and fading control over the Republican Congress will recede even further as he spends most of August hiding from the political world. And yet Trump is either too oblivious to understand what a mistake this is, or too far gone to care.