Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Differences between conservative and liberal brains - interesting

Here is a curiosity that crossed my mind today:  that being brought up as siblings in the same family doesn't necessarily mean you will share similar broad thought patterns or preferences, because one sibling can have a conservative viewpoint and be a Republican voting for a Donald Trump or a Dubya Bush/Cheney -- and the other can be a Democrat, always choosing to vote for progressive candidates like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren.  Though there can be irrefutable deep love for each other, there is a dichotomy of worldview perceptions that seem like polar opposites.

Since this is true in my own family (and I have friends in similar circumstances with their siblings), my curiosity was piqued to find out what are the differences between my brother and me in the way we process information and how we see the world.  I'd really like to know why we are so different in the wide apart political conclusions we arrive at. Even in saying that, I realize there may not be a satisfactory answer to such a query. Certainly, different life experiences as we age and grow in this lifetime play a part in shaping our world views, but perhaps our seeming differences also include something from past life experiences that are beyond today's thoughts and mind, and out of range of exploration at this time.

Anyway, some interesting researched physiological explanations (derived from several peer-reviewed studies) for the way conservative minds differ from liberal minds came up in my online search. You might find it interesting, too; you can read it at: