Thursday, April 29, 2010

NaturalNews report exposes breast cancer industry lies - a must read for all women

This is something all women should read! We must be our own health advocates and decision makers -- and that takes self-education!

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Don't get another mammogram until you investigate all your options for preventing and curing breast cancer... 

"This report exposes the little-known truth about the massive fraud perpetrated by the breast cancer industry. Every woman needs to read and learn the information freely offered in this eye-opening report." - Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, author of Breast Cancer Deception


Nearly everything we've been told about breast cancer by the medical establishment is a lie. Here are just a few of the many shocking truths you've never been told:

  • Breast cancer is 90% preventable through deliberate changes in foods and lifestyle.
  • Chemotherapy only works on 1 - 2% of breast cancer patients.
  • The No. 1 cause of breast cancer is chronic vitamin D deficiency.
  • Mammograms actually cause breast cancer.
  • Breast cancer is not caused by "bad genes."
  • All woman have cancer cells and micro tumors. Simply having a tiny tumor detected does not mean you need chemotherapy or radiation.
  • Ten women are harmed by mammography for every one woman who is helped by it.
  • Countless false positives (false cancer diagnoses) happen every year. You should never trust a single cancer diagnosis.
  • Most breast cancer centers have a financial incentive to recruit patients by "finding" evidence of breast cancer.
  • Many oncologists would never undergo the same chemotherapy they prescribe to patients.
  • Many of the largest breast cancer non-profits are little more than Big Pharma front groups operating a massive patient recruitment scam.

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