Monday, January 21, 2013


After years of persecution by the FDA, AMA, NCI, NIH, and Big Pharma, Dr. Burzynski has finally been cleared of wrongdoing -- when all along, he has been helping and curing cancer patients who had nowhere else to turn.  The FDA, NCI and Big Pharma were not happy that Dr. Burzynski was funding his research and trying to get federal drug approval on his own -- how were they to get the lion's share of $$$ for his antineoplastin cure if he wouldn't include them? Time and again in the court cases they dragged him into, it didn't matter how many of his cured patients testified for him; the government and Big Pharma were out to get him. Time after time the FDA took him to court and threatened him with imprisonment. Dr. Burzynski was forced to defend himself over and over again, all the while continuing to give help and hope to cancer victims who had been given a death sentence by the medical community.  Burzynski: The Movie is a documentary that was made about the terrible years of government persecution this good doctor had to endure.  Now there is a new documentary out about the case, detailing even more the reasons why doctors and researchers who come up with cures for cancer are targeted, persecuted and prosecuted -- the answer, of course, always comes down to power, control, and $$$.  This is the kind of world we live in, where greed and power lust has taken over our country and its government.  It's not a pretty picture -- but at least one man's search for justice has prevailed through years of government tyranny. 

Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, a Polish immigrant,
was trained as both a biochemist and a
physician. He's spent the last 35 years
developing and successfully treating cancer
patients suffering with some of the most
lethal forms of cancer at his clinic in Houston,
Texas. The treatment he developed involves
a gene-targeted approach using non-toxic
peptides and amino acids, known as

After a grueling 15-year long battle, the  

Texas Medical Board has officially ended its  

crusade to revoke Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski's  

medical license in an effort to end his use of  

Antineoplastons. The Texas Medical Board's  

case against him was dismissed on November  

19, 2012, just in time for Thanksgiving. 


After it was revealed that the FDA had  

pressured the Texas medical board to revoke  

Dr. Burzynski's medical license - despite the  

fact that no laws were broken, and his treatment  

was proven safe and effective - the obvious  

question was "why?" 


The answer to this has to do with money. Lots  

and lots of money... See, Dr. Burzynski owns  

the patent for this treatment, and should it  

actually gain FDA approval, not only would it  

threaten conventional chemotherapy and radiation,  

it would also result in billions of dollars of cancer  

research funds being funneled over to the one  

single scientist who has exclusive patent rights  

- Dr. Burzynski.


Dr. Burzynski received much-needed publicity  

two years ago with the release of ' Burzynski:   

The Movie', which will run on FKTV at 4:45PM  

Pacific tonight. This documentary is about his  

remarkable cancer discovery, and how he won  

the largest and possibly the most convoluted  

and intriguing legal battle against the Food and  

Drug Administration (FDA) in American history.  

Soon afterward, the Texas Medical Board sued


him again - without success. 


This year, a second film detailing his continued  

struggles, and victories, is scheduled to be  

released. As announced in the trailer (see below),  

Dr. Burzynski is now doing the unthinkable...  

He is "the first and only scientist in United States  

history to enter the federal drug approval process  

for a proprietary cancer therapy without any  

financial support from the American government,  

the pharmaceutical industry, or the cancer  



Video (about 5 mins):  (from Forbidden Knowledge site)