Saturday, June 04, 2016

Not to be Missed: Bernie, honest and authentic, speaks blunt truth to Alan Greenspan, Andrea Mitchell and Rahm Emanuel

Watch these short videos showing Bernie vs. the power players, proving every time how much he cares about "we, the people" (and that he is correct -- God bless him!!!!)  Bernie shreds Alan Greenspan in 2003.  Then, when the economy fails big time in 2008,  Greenspan comes back before Congress and admits he was wrong -- and Bernie was right.  Duh!!!!  Bernie was right about the Iraq war, too, and Hillary was not.  (Ah, but who cares about that?) 

Don't you wish we could have a President like Bernie who has PROVEN excellent judgment and actually cares about the little people (us)? Too bad it's all set up against him!

Now, here is Alan Greenspan's wife, Andrea Mitchell, carrying water for Clinton telling Bernie he should drop out so "poor Hillary" can have an easier passage to the nomination.  Listen to what Bernie says to her:

And here's Bernie speaking more truth to power re. charter schools and corporate interests -- in the form of Rahm Emanuel, mayor of Chicago who has endorsed Hillary Clinton for President: