Monday, July 01, 2013

Many important links in this UFO news report

The most important news of our lifetime--that UFOs are real and extraterrestrials are visiting and living on our planet--is leaking out, even though most of it is still being kept hidden from us by the elite cabal (black ops military/industrial/media complex) that rules our world. More and more high-ranking military and government officials (including astronauts) are coming out with the truth, which cannot be ignored for much longer, even though the controlled major media by-and-large continue to ignore/ridicule/bury it. But they can't keep it buried forever, as indicated in the links below.  Check them out if you want to know the truth.

It's not difficult to understand why the ruling cabal does NOT want this info. to be verified to the public at large.  It will change life as we know it on this planet, and is a threat to their being able to keep Earth's population dumbed down and under control. 

UFOs Disabling Nuclear Missiles: Former Senator Says Veterans' Testimony is the "Smoking Gun"
May 7, 2013, Wall Street Journal/PRNewswire-USNewswire

In an interview with ABC News/Yahoo! News last Friday, former U.S. Senator Mike Gravel (D-Alaska) said statements by U.S. Air Force nuclear missile launch officers – regarding mysterious aerial objects interfering with the functionality of American ICBMs – make clear that top government officials are lying to the public when they claim to have no knowledge of national security-related UFO incidents. Gravel first gained national recognition in 1971, by placing the still-classified Pentagon Papers – which documented U.S. government malfeasance during the Vietnam War – into the public record. Gravel said the revelations by former/retired Captains Robert Salas, Bruce Fenstermacher, and David Schindele, as well as retired Security Policeman Sgt. David Scott, are "the smoking gun of the whole issue" of government secrecy on UFOs. On September 27, 2010, Captain Salas co-hosted the "UFOs and Nukes" press conference with noted researcher Robert Hastings, during which seven USAF veterans revealed ongoing UFO activity at U.S. nuclear weapons sites during the Cold War era. That media event was extensively and favorably covered by hundreds of news organizations worldwide, including CNN, which streamed the proceedings live. The full-length video of the press conference appears at The latest testimony – about UFOs knocking ICBMs offline – was heard by Senator Gravel and five other former members of congress at the "Citizen Hearing on Disclosure" organized by Stephen Bassett at the National Press Club last week.

Note: For the thorough research of Capt. Salas into the event where UFOs disabled nuclear missiles, click here. Could UFOs disabling nuclear warheads be a message from extraterrestrial forces for us not to play with such dangerous toys? Hundreds of military and government witnesses have gone on record claiming a major cover-up around UFOs, including a former chief of the CIA, the former chiefs of defense of the UK and Canada (see video), and Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon. Why is it that so few people are aware of this and other amazing and even inspiring facts around UFOs? For more, click here.