Friday, June 19, 2009

The Iranians put us to shame

They are doing what we Americans should have done in 2000 and 2004 when the elections were stolen from us.  Rather than endure 4 more years of Ahmadinejad, the Iranians are risking their lives to fight for their votes and their rights.  Although hundreds of thousands of us Americans protested in 2000 and 2004, when we knew Bush and Cheney had not really won the elections, our anger wasn't strong enough and our protests weren't loud enough to overcome the powers that be. The mainstream media ignored us, even when our rallies were huge -- but not enough of us stormed into the streets in protest.  And we soon got the message from the Cheney/Bush lapdog journalists: we were not being taken seriously, and we should "just get over it."  Think how different, how much better our world could be now had Al Gore been president since 2000, instead of the idiot son of a Bush and his master puppeteer, the dark and evil Mr. Cheney.

I pray for the Iranians that their protests will finally be heard by wiser heads and bring down the Ayatollah ("Supreme Leader") and the dark and evil Ahmadinejad.  It is time for goodness and wisdom to step into leadership positions on this planet, so that peace can at least be within our grasp.  On Bill Moyers' Journal tonight, the entire program was devoted to the brave women of Liberia who rose up in great numbers against Charles Taylor and the ruthless war/killings/rapes going on for years in their country.  The women, under the leadership of one brave ordinary woman, said "NO MORE!" to the men who were abusing them and their country. A documentary entitled "Pray the Devil Back to Hell" was made about this extraordinary happening in which the dark and evil sociopath Taylor was finally deposed and the hearts of the men who had followed him were reached by the women who appealed to them as mothers. The men finally saw the women as their mothers and, ashamed, they realized what an atrocity they had perpetrated on these women, their children, and their country. A new Liberian election saw a WOMAN elected to the presidency -- and with the new regime, a new, more peaceful life finally has begun for Liberians. All because the women stood up and said "NO MORE!!!"  You can see this program on, if you missed viewing it on TV.