Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gov. Sanford admits affair, ruins political career

FOX News, as it often does when one of its own (Republicans) gets in sexual trouble, identifies Sanford as a Democrat with a "D" after his name.  Talk about ostrich-like behavior, burying your head in the sand.  Of course, they always have to come out later and admit they made the wrong political identification.  But by then, I'm sure they figure, millions of those who watch FOX for "news" have already had it put into their minds that Sanford is a Democrat.  Once there, it is hard to budge that information out of their little dittoheads.  It is interesting, isn't it, how so many Republicans these days are committing political suicide with affairs?  Hmmm...isn't that a bit damaging to their claims of being the party that champions "family values"?