Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe the Plumber -- might be a McCain plant

He's not listed in the Toledo phone book... read the article about this at:
He's being interviewed by CNN and MSNBC and says he won't tell who he's voting for -- but he's discussing all Republican talking points with reporters who, right now, are infatuated with him. I'll bet Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow are investigating him as we speak, and, if Joe truly is a McCain plant, they will have more to tell on tonight's shows....

It was interesting how McCain was the one who brought up Joe the Plumber -- even tho' the man had talked to Obama at one of his rallies. Why would a Joe the Plumber, conservative Republican that he claims to be, even go to an Obama rally? I could easily believe he was a plant, put there by the Rovian/Machiavellian Machine, all with the idea of having McCain bring him up on the debate in order to embarrass Obama and score points for McCain. Wouldn't it be great if this ploy were to be revealed for all to see as just another dirty Republican trick? One of the readers commenting is a CPA who makes mention that Obama's plan is talking about a NET income of $250,000, not a gross income. I wish Obama had explained that. Stay tuned....