Sunday, July 07, 2013

The reintroduction of Dubya as a statesman (SIGH)

Notice how our managed news is beginning to reintroduce "New" Dubya to the public, painting him as a statesman and former president whose opinions are worthy of the public's attention and respect. With loyal smiling Laura always by his side and the two of them making headline news doing "good works" in Africa and other places, the image makers are creating a new portrait of the Bush family saying, "Look, even the idiot is reformed  and is doing good in the world." (As if that could make up for the horrors he perpetrated on the world, along with his puppet master Cheney).

What is really happening:
the powers-that-be (the elites who really run things in our world) are engineering/preparing the way for Jeb Bush's nomination as the 2016 Republican presidential candidate.  They're hoping the public has forgotten those horrors of the Cheney/.Bush years (how can we? They continue under Obama!).  The first step of their plan to take over the world worked well under Cheney/Bush with the 9/11 attack on the Towers and the Pentagon, introducing us to a never-ending "War on Terror."  According to plan, the  Iraq/Afghanistan wars have given America a controlling presence in the Middle East, with takeovers of more of those countries in the works. Under the figurehead president Obama, they are continuing their plan--and will take more giant steps with one of their own (another Bush! Gaaaagggh!!!)  in the White House again. 

Inch by inch, step by step ---- the deadly beat goes on....

Do you want to know what is REALLY going on in our world?  Educate yourself by watching the following online videos:
DECEPTIONS  and Behind the Smoke Curtain 
Deceptions - Full Film
58 minutes long
This documentary was produced
for $750 by a citizen with NO
filmmaking experience. It was
released in 2010. In spite of his
amateur status, 'Deceptions' was
well reviewed and has developed
a huge following.

'Deceptions' is a six part film that
traces a string of deceptions from
9/11, through the Bush and now
the Obama years, oil and banking
power and fraud, media collusion
and the existence of a controlling

It ends with a plea for the people of
America to become citizen journalists
- to report what they see and to
encourage full discovery, disclosure
and debate on myriad of issues that
intentionally remain hidden from public