Friday, July 05, 2013

Another MUST-SEE for those who value truth

Please pass this along to others on your e-mail list if you see value in it.  This documentary is a must-see for anyone who loves our country and its Constitution -- and values the truth about what has happened to it. It is not a partisan film, but one that reveals truth, no matter where it lies or whose image it may damage. We need to realize that we have all been fooled, no matter what our political affiliation and belief.  Change can only begin with knowledge and education. To effect real change, we must first discover what the truth really is. This film gives us a valuable start in that direction. Please watch it and decide for yourself if it rings with the clear bell of truth:


Deceptions - Full Film
58 minutes long -- WELL WORTH YOUR TIME

This documentary was produced
for $750 by a citizen with NO
filmmaking experience. It was
released in 2010. In spite of his
amateur status, 'Deceptions' was
well reviewed and has developed
a huge following.

'Deceptions' is a six part film that
traces a string of deceptions from
9/11, through the Bush and now
the Obama years, oil and banking
power and fraud, media collusion
and the existence of a controlling

It ends with a plea for the people of
America to become citizen journalists
- to report what they see and to
encourage full discovery, disclosure
and debate on myriad of issues that
intentionally remain hidden from public

Video (about 58 mins):

Deceptions - Full Film