Tuesday, July 09, 2013

The film Gasland II -- tells truth to power

But will it change anything?  Doesn't look like it, because Big Oil money is endless and it buys whatever stories/lies it wants to tell to the public.  We are screwed again.  If you have HBO, or HBO.GO you can see this film now.  Warning: it's depressing because (unless an all-out revolution of the people rises up) it doesn't look as if the powers-that-be can be stopped.  Fracking seems to be with us to stay. 

Remember the tobacco industry and its denial for decades that smoking causes cancer and other diseases?  They kept denying, even though they had all kinds of verifying information re. the dangers of smoking, which they kept hidden in their files.  All the time smokers were dying, the tobacco companies were advertising lies like "More doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette."  (They gave free Camel packs to doctors and then made this claim, whether or not the doctors were even smokers.)  The same thing is happening today with the natural gas fracking industry.  When you see how far it has progressed across our country and the world, your heart will sink.  When you see how fracking is now causing earthquakes and many of the wells are situated right on the fault lines in California, your anger will rise.  When you see how our waters are being poisoned and how methane gas has been dangerously multiplied in our atmosphere, causing even more global warming, your outrage will explode.  But, unless that outrage can be organized into a revolutionary movement, it may take years and years of education of the masses and many illnesses and deaths of the public before enough people rise up with a resounding NO!!!  (if ever). 

We no longer live in a democratic republic -- the will of the people does not matter to the deregulated, out-of-control corporations that now run everything.  Sorry to say, but greed and power have won.  For now.