Friday, July 30, 2010

Paul Krugman: A Man Who Sees Clearly

For common sense and great advice to Obama (which he, of course, won't follow), read Krugman's latest column:

It starts out with a very good question: 
Why does the Obama administration keep looking for love in all the wrong places? Why does it go out of its way to alienate its friends, while wooing people who will never waver in their hatred?

...protecting consumers, ensuring that they aren’t the victims of predatory financial practices, is something voters can relate to. And choosing a high-profile consumer advocate (Elizabeth Warren) to lead the agency providing that protection — someone whose scholarship and advocacy were largely responsible for the agency’s creation — is the natural move, both substantively and politically. Meanwhile, the alternative — disappointing supporters yet again by choosing some little-known technocrat — seems like an obvious error.