Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A very sad new world order

The only ones escaping the pain are the rich.  This is what the Republican agenda ever since Reagan has cost us.  The burden is all on the poor and the middle class, which is fast disappearing.  And yet the Republicans want even more tax cuts, ignoring the fact that the Reagan and Bush tax cuts for the rich and outrageous corporate greed have sent us down this terrible path to the ruin of what was once a great country. We ignored Eisenhower's warning about the burgeoning military/industrial complex that was trying to take over our world.  Tragically, that is now a done deed, and we are reaping the terrible consequences. In addition, just look at the Republican obstructionists in Congress today, stubbornly unwilling to compromise on ANYthing.  Take a good look at the lack of quality in their hopeful presidential candidates, with Sarah Palin leading the pack, as creatures like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh control the ignorant dittoheads who follow their every word.  Is this what our intelligent Founders had in mind when setting up our democratic republic?  I don't think so!  Bob Herbert's NY Times column today tells the sad, sad truth:

Economic Pain
by Bob Herbert