Wednesday, July 21, 2010

For truth-telling...go to this site  and read the first and third story.  The first one is about Glenn Beck, entitled Character Assassination without Due Process .  The second one is about Rachel Maddow, entitled The Sherrod Fiasco--Who's Next? Both have videos.  Very enlightening for those who are really looking for truth.

I highly recommend Rachel Maddow's daily TV report on MSNBC for anyone who would rather have truth than fiction in their political daily fare. Rachel does in-depth, well-researched reporting. For fiction lovers, FOX (FAUX) is definitely the place to go.  It's all day fiction--all the time, but Glenn Beck is particularly good at delivering his own brand of dastardly lies.  Rush Limbaugh on radio is another spinner of tales, for those who take pride in being one of his "dittoheads" (yes, he actually calls his listeners that ... and they love it. Pathetic, isn't it?)