Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pope John Paul II whipped himself regularly

Some will think this is "holy" -- they are talking about sainthood for him. Opus Dei members think self-flagellation is a "holy" thing to do, too. (Can you see my eyes rolling?) But then, who would know better what his sins were than he himself? The truly good Pope before him, John Paul I, died after only 33 days as Pope -- many think he was murdered because he planned to change things radically in the Vatican and the Church. John Paul I was actually embarking on a revolution. He wanted to set the Church in a new direction which was considered highly undesirable and dangerous by many high-ranking Church officials.

He wanted, first of all, to strip many of the Vatican members of their powers by dismissing them or reassigning them into harmless positions. Six men in particular, stood to lose a great deal if Pope John Paul I remained in power. (These were - Marcinkus, Villot, Calvi, Sindona, Cody and Gelli). There was a suspicion of a conspiracy among these men with Villot the instigator and Gelli the executioner. When John Paul II replaced John Paul I, none of the planned edicts of the first John Paul were ever carried out. For more information on this intriguing episode in the Catholic Church, see:

I've read a well-researched book about this alleged conspiracy entitled In God's Name by David Yallop. It presents a very convincing case against the dark elements of the Church's high-ranking clergy and their illegal banking practices that were about to be exposed and up-ended by John Paul I.

To read some fine reviews of this book, go to: http://www.amazon.com/Gods-Name-Investigation-Into-Murder/dp/0786719842/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1259050161&sr=1-1

Here is just one of them:
This is a difficult book to digest for faithful Roman Catholics like myself. It is the story of a wonderful priest who loved the poor and wanted the church to improve the quality of life for Catholics. Pope John Paul the First was a man who would not seek to impose Christian solutions on non-Christians; he was someone who was sensitive to social problems and open to dialogue; with a commitment to the search for unity; a good pastor, a good shepherd in the way that Jesus was; a man who sincerely believed that the church should not be out of date but be a relevant, nurturing factor in the lives of Catholics worldwide.

The press called him the "Smiling Pope." However, in reality Albino Luciani who wished to be called Pope John Paul the First and became the first double name in the history of the papacy was a man of enormous faith. What a shame his 33 days as pope in 1978 was the shortest stint since Pope Medici Leo XI in 1605 who only served 17 days. In all likelihood, he had the inner strength and intelligence to be the greatest pope in the history of the Vatican.

To this end, "In God's Name: An Investigation into the Murder of Pope John Paul I," by highly regarded journalist David A.Yallop is a work of monumental research and importance. The author dares to point a finger at the financial corruption within the Vatican. He names names...Michele Sindona, Roberto Calvi, Lucio Gelli, Cardinal John Patrick Cody of Chicago and Bishop Paul Casimir Marcinkus in Vatican City all conducted illegal activities. And Albino Luciani was determined to put an end to it.

This well-written book is difficult to put down. Quite naturally it is officially condemned by the oligarchy in the Vatican. However, I think it is important for all interested in the pursuit of truth to read this compelling book and drawn one's own conclusion. The evidence is hard to ignore. The conclusion is based on facts. It is truly hard to imagine but I am now convinced that Pope John Paul the First was murdered because he dared to promote positive change and rid the Vatican of corrupt banking practices. Highly recommended.