Saturday, December 08, 2018

Beautiful treat to listen to: The Faith - sung by Leonard Cohen and Anjani

The Faith is one of my favorite songs--it speaks to the depths of the heart. Leonard Cohen wrote the lyrics for this song, which uses the melody of the Canadian folk song "Un Canadien Errant", written in 1842.   The lyrics appear on screen in the following beautiful video.  As with many of Leonard's songs, people have conjectured about who the lyrics are addressed to.  It seems to me that Leonard is talking to all of us -- and especially to those who are seeking real Truth in a world that often seems so false.  The lyrics seem to suggest that perhaps when we are weary enough, we will look for what is real and lasting, beyond the passing appearances in our ever-wearying world. With the planet itself now in jeopardy from humans following the wrong path, we must hope that more people will hear the plea of poets/teachers like Leonard Cohen -- and follow their lead.