Thursday, December 13, 2018

Alarming News: Trump's 'Advisors' at Fox & Friends tell him who to choose for Chief of Staff

It's well known that Trump watches "Fox and Friends" each day to get his marching orders, rather than pay attention to briefings from the professionals in the government.  Trump's attention span is that of a 2-year-old, and he doesn't like to read, so a TV soundbite is his preferred way of getting tips on what he should do next.  And where better to get that soundbite advice than the Faux News channel that supports him, no matter what.  Fox and Friends is Trump's favorite show -- they always praise him and soothe his ruffled feathers when legitimate news reports daily/hourly reveal the truth about his lies and criminal activity. 

Today his Fox advisors suggested a new name to him to consider for his open Chief of Staff position that no one seems to want.  It will be another coup for his Fox advisors if he now adds David Bossie to his short (very short) list of possible candidates and starts saying in public, "Well, I think David Bossie is someone we should consider." 

Whenever I hear Republicans or ex-Republican pundits complain about Trump while lamenting and questioning, "How did our Party ever come to this terrible disgrace?", I would like to say to them: What did you think would happen to a party that delivered the likes of Dubya Bush, Cheney, and that gang of lying criminals to our White House?  And then followed it up with Sarah Palin as Vice Presidential material? As one greed-and-power-fueled decision followed another, the stage was set for Donald Trump and his menacing brand of fear, hatred, bigotry and disregard for rules of law to come to power.  It's no secret how we got to this place, with people like Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Orrin Hatch and scores of that despicable type in power positions, so quickly willing to discard any moral principles they may ever have had -- and sell out our democratic republic for a few shekels of gold and power.  They eagerly boarded the Trump Train and stayed on it as it mowed down the admirable principles on which our country was founded. They assisted Trump as he used rallies to ramp up fear and hatred in the poorly educated ignorant right-wing voters, in the same way Hitler did in Germany back in the 1930s and 1940s. And now we witness the hell realms where that kind of political rhetoric and tactics have taken us. 

It's essential to realize that where we are in our world today is in a far worse situation than in Hitler's time, because the planet itself is in peril now, with an ignorant science disbeliever in command in our country.  Because this most important problem of climate change is not being addressed with wisdom by our leaders, our children and grandchildren will pay a price of catastrophic disruption of life on Earth, such as has never been seen in past history. The Trump calamity that has befallen us has far-reaching disastrous consequences for our nation, the world, and future generations.

On a hopeful note:  I pray that with Mueller's report and now a Democratic House of Representatives, that some glimmering semblance of normal order will begin to be visible in our government that has taken a huge slide into disgrace and disrepute.  It's a relief to see a competent woman taking charge over the wild elephant loose in the White House.  We need more wise, strong women like Nancy Pelosi to bring back intelligent, compassionate leadership to our nation -- and the world.  I hope to heaven Nancy gets the support she -- and our weary Trump-trodden country -- so desperately need.