Wednesday, April 06, 2016

33% of Bernie supporters say they will not vote for Clinton. Here's Why

I can understand why Hillary Clinton is poison to Bernie supporters, who see clearly the slide into oligarchy that our country has taken.  33% of these people say they will not support her in the general election. They recognize that we are no longer a democratic republic, in which the people's voice is heard and listened to (perhaps we never were but only thought so).  The wishes of the people are never honored in an oligarchy. An elite cabal owns the country and they call the shots. We are learning more about this cabal as the world-wide Panama off-shore tax avoidance scheme is being revealed by a whistleblower (but it's not making the giant screaming headlines it deserves. you wonder why?)

As Bill Moyers explains in
"The data provides rare insights into a world that can only exist in the shadows. It proves how a global industry led by major banks, legal firms, and asset management companies secretly manages the estates of the world's rich and famous: from politicians, Fifa officials, fraudsters and drug smugglers, to celebrities and professional athletes." 

Bernie and his supporters are trying to stop the machine that owns and operates the Clintons and all candidates like them -- the establishment puppets.  Bernie wants the will of the people to be heard, but today's cable news shows lined up against him reveal how that will not be allowed.  The closer he gets to creating a full-out revolution, the more the establishment pushes back with its well-oiled, corporate-owned media lap dogs barking at us the lines they are given by their corporate masters.

After Bernie's major win in Wisconsin, all the stops are being pulled out today by the Clintons and their bought-and-paid-for journalists on CNN and MSNBC.  A constant stream of anti-Sanders mouthpieces are lined up, delivering back-to-back their all-day denouncements of Sanders, with every kind of falsehood they can conjure up to demean and obliterate him. Interviews with Hillary play over and over, in which the lap dogs ask well-designed questions meant to bring forth from her sneers of censure and condemnation against Bernie. Her cackling laugh of Bernie-ridicule crackles through the airwaves, hour after hour after hour.  Just turn on MSNBC or CNN today to see what I mean. 

Where is the Bernie interview to counter these attacks?  Nowhere to be seen. There "ain't" any.

Bernie has gotten too close to achieving a true revolution that wants to set in place a true government "of the people, by the people and for the people." Because Bernie is getting too close to beating Hillary in the primaries, every cog in the party machine is now clacking out against him. Wall Street and the corporations have bought their candidate (they own her lock, stock and barrel) and they will not allow Bernie to usurp the White House, where they intend to place their latest puppet.

Here are a couple article links for anyone interested in how we continue to get the same candidates over and over again in our country, with no real changes:

Following are two illuminating comments from readers of the above articles:

The key to understanding Hillary supporters is cognitive dissonance - most people simply can't process how corrupt the political system has become on both sides of the political spectrum and so they tune it out and keep going through the motions. Many have spent their entire lives believing that American politics is just about liberals and conservatives, when in reality there was a third major power in politics – the centrist wealthy who support either conservatives or liberals depending on what is convenient for them, and generally whatever keeps the nation stuck in a political limbo that they can exploit. -- George Hristovitch, Purdue University

Most Americans cannot afford any more Corporatism. It steals our jobs, our pensions, it kills our kids in its wars for profit, it is destroying our environment, it is creating low paying jobs (for those who can find employment) it has poisoned the idea of democracy... it doesn't work. Both Trump and Clinton are Corporatists (as is Paul Ryan) I am thankful I am old and will not have to watch the Democrats and Republicans continue to crush our once great country.  -- Charlotte Scot

My own feeling about all of this is that the world is not meant to ever be perfect -- but it sure would be nice if Truth were more desired -- and even (could we hope for it?) honored here on Earth.  Bernie Sanders appears to be a candidate who does desire and honor the truth, which is why he appeals to so many of us who are dissatisfied with the status quo and yearn for something better for our kids and grandkids and all descendants down the line. 

The world seems to be made up of Dreamers and the Schemers.  The Dreamers hear the song "IMAGINE" and resonate with the sentiments of longing for a better world for everyone. They want to help make it happen.  The Schemers look at the system bringing wealth, power and prestige to the manipulators and think, "How can I get some of that for myself?"

A good look at all the candidates in the presidential race tells immediately which is which.