Thursday, April 07, 2016

Video of Robert Reich and Barney Frank clashing over Bernie's banks-too-big-to-fail remarks

As you watch the following video, note that Barney Frank is his usual blustery shout-over-you, ego-ridden self.  Robert Reich is his usual gentle but intelligent and persistent self. Reich speaks clearly ALWAYS, making salient points that prove to be correct every time, as history plays out the truth of his statements. 

In contrast, Barney Frank shows his brute-force ignorance every time he opens his mouth, which is far too often.  He belongs in the Republican party where shouting over others who are trying to get a word in edgewise is considered to be clever argument.  It is NOT.  As you watch the following video in the link below, in which Reich correctly points out that Bernie was factual in his remarks to the NY Daily News interviewer, you will see the Clinton tactics in full-blown attack mode (Frank, of course, is a rabid Clinton supporter).

In regard to Bernie, Hillary is now playing good cop to her attack supporters' (like Frank) bad cop. Today she is pulling back on her accusation that Bernie doesn't know what he's talking about (in other words, "he's unqualified to be president") because she can't go too far in antagonizing Bernie's supporters, 33% of whom have already stated they won't vote for her in a general election. This is alarming news to the Clinton side -- and they are flailing at how to deal with it. And, of course, Bernie is fighting back on her accusations about him, correctly pointing out all the excellent reasons she is unqualified to be president. Hooray for Bernie!!!