Sunday, May 24, 2020

Russian/Chinese bots trying to create division in U.S.

I've read warnings like this before, saying that we are going to be bombarded with bots with all kinds of graphic distortions, meant to confuse, mislead and divide our country's population.  Now that graphic programs have become improved/advanced and available to anyone, changes can easily be made in photos and even in videos (changing the faces of the people, like was done in a recent video purporting to be Bill Gates), we are at the mercy of the purveyors of all kinds of online disinformation. Most of them favor right-wing beliefs.  

Looks like it's time to hone our discrimination skills.  I am questioning everything that comes my way and trying it on for size with questions:  Does this, at first glance, sound like nonsense?  Does it go against common sense?  Could it possibly be from Russia?  Is it divisive?  racist?  anti-government?  does it have the flavor of right-wing madness about it?  You can almost taste the poison of right-wing nuttiness -- the kind of thing you hear and see on Fox News every day.  If any conspiracy theory comes my way that has that flavor, I will delete it.  

Regarding Covid-19: We've got enough trouble in our country with the right-wing nutcase in our White House who doesn't believe the virus is dangerous.  Regardless of what he and/or the bots say, I'm going to stay sheltered as much as possible -- and wear a mask whenever I'm out in public. This virus is showing itself to be pervasive and deadly. Common sense tells us a second or even third wave is predictable, when not all of the population has had it.  Anyone urging us to go out without protective masks, as if nothing is happening, is suspicious to me as being either a right winger or a victim of right-wing propaganda ginned up in our country or in foreign countries that want to sow more confusion and division here--especially in this election year.