Monday, May 27, 2013

More insanity of earth life: fracking & earthquakes

THREE DOZEN earthquakes in Arkansas over the past week, right in the area where fracking (hydraulic drilling/pumping chemicals deep into the earth for natural gas) is taking place.  Is there a connection? Hmmm? 

OMG, IS THERE A CONNECTION?????   How can they even question it?   The elites/powers-that-be must think we are all dolts, and they can pull off anything they damn well please without a murmur from the public at large. Sorry to say, it appears they are right.  As evidenced by this article, much of the population seems not to be able to add 2 plus 2.

Here in California, in vulnerable earthquake country, fracking is taking place in a big way.  The earth-human race is not known for its intelligence.