Thursday, May 30, 2013

News that you won't see elsewhere

Some video segments on this link are very interesting -- check out the one on the Chinese city built to look like London.  Where no one lives because it's too expensive to live there. (Head shaking time...with a sigh at the insanity of it all).  China has built many cities of this type -- one that looks just like Paris, with the Eiffel Tower and Champs de Elysee, no less!  And no one lives in any of those cities--many of them are built in the boondocks where no one wants to live and they are all very expensive (and the builders won't lower the exorbitant prices to attract buyers/renters).  The cities were built mainly to make the country's GDP look good. Now they are used mainly as backgrounds for wedding photos.

Just as crazy was one Vice segment on the lack of Chinese women to marry Chinese men -- because girl babies were aborted when the one child rule came into effect. Now the men are without women to marry and actually compete in contests on stage before audiences of women -- trying to get a woman to date them.  Such is life in Bizarro World.