Tuesday, May 14, 2013

So unusual, we haven't seen this in YEARS!

Elizabeth Warren actually cares about the people whose interests she was voted to serve!  Why, that's unheard of in today's Congress! (except for Bernie Sanders). Am sure the Republicans are already plotting how to get rid of her -- You can hear the little wheels turning in Karl Rove's head: "Let's see...we got rid of Kucinich and a lot of other Democrats by gerrymandering their districts...will that work with her?  Darn, that doesn't really work with Senators, does it?  The whole state is their district." 

And on and on it goes --- never stopping.

Robert Scheer on Elizabeth Warren

"Elizabeth Warren, a Great Investment" -- How astonishing to have a public servant who actually cares to inform the public about the inner workings of the system of crony capitalism that has wedded big government with big business.


alex654 said...

God bless Elizabeth Warren. She is our future. Only people like her will save this country from the total destruction of the American way of life.