Saturday, June 21, 2014

Chemtrails on local news reports in the U.S.

The following short videos are clips from local news shows where, finally, the journalists are presenting some facts about chemtrails...and admitting they exist

Not that the government will ever admit they are spraying our skies with chemicals (barium, aluminum, strontium) to control the weather -- but at least people are being taken more seriously these days when they point out the chemtrails in the skies above us.  I've been talking about these things for the last 15 years and couldn't even get my own family to look at them, even as they were being laid down by high-flying jets, right there above our heads.

It's hard to get people interested in anything that gets labeled "conspiracy theory," which happens often when "theorists" like me start pointing out anomalies that should be apparent to all--but are denied by the government, often accompanied by ridicule.  Just looking up at the sky and seeing these very strange "contrails" should have made everyone wonder about them years ago.  Gradually, over time, when they can no longer be denied by the majority of the population, "conspiracy theories" are accepted as truth--but oh, it takes such a long time to convince an unquestioning public that our government could be carrying out programs without telling us -- and that these programs could be dangerous to our health, even though this has happened time and time again in our past history. With Google it is easy to look up all the experimentation that has been perpetrated on the unknowing public by our government.  Take a look: 

In this case,  Groucho Marx said it best long ago:  "Who do you believe, me or your lying eyes?"  Just substitute the U.S. government/politicians/leaders for Groucho Marx and you have what is happening today re. chemtrails.

On Google, you can find MUCH more about past and present government experimentation on us human guinea pigs. Here are just a few search results:

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