Saturday, April 13, 2013

Many news stories related to booming sounds and hums from under the earth

Interesting stories for the curious among us who would like to know what is actually going on in our world. Booming sounds and humming sounds have been heard for many years in different parts of the country, but lately, they have been stepping up in frequency, both sound-wise and occurrence-wise.  Learn all about it in these news stories/videos.  And then look at the latest videos taken by workers on D.U.M.B.s (Deep Underground Military Bases) that are making their way into the public eye on youtube (See:
See .  I guess some of the workers are having guilty consciences in keeping this kind of information from the people and so are starting to leak it to us

Just like those military and government officials, including astronauts, who are trying to tell us about UFO activity and the extraterrestrial presence on our Earth. (See video at: )

Just like the pilots and air traffic controllers who have been trying to tell us about their part in spreading and allowing chemtrails pollution of our planet (See: and

What the HELL are these Sounds??? HAARP? Vancouver B.C. Canada

Christopher Fisher·26 videos

Strange sounds above Vancouver BC 2012 "Note to the sound nazi's" This video was shot on a canon 7d and a 2nd system h4n STEREO recorder.

9:47 Strange sounds all over the world Jerusalem, houston, New York, Belgium, David Vose