Saturday, April 13, 2013

Shadow biosphere theory gaining scientific support

Fascinating news!

People who have "second sight" (psychic abilities) have been telling us for centuries that there are such things as fairies and garden devas, but we are unable to see them.  The experiment at Findhorn in Scotland brought more proofs of the existence of invisible energies/beings that helped the Findhorn Garden to grow incredibly large and beautiful vegetables and fruits.  See:

Now science is beginning to verify the existence of something existing beyond our five senses -- what they are calling a "shadow biosphere."  One of my favorite books is called "The Boy Who Saw True," an actual diary of a little Victorian boy who had the gift of second sight -- and was able to see little garden devas and, in his innocent naivete, thought everyone could see them.  It's a jewel of a book -- written seriously by this little boy but providing lots of humor from his misspellings and misunderstandings of adult word definitions.  The little boy grew to be a man and was encouraged to publish his childhood diary by many people -- and finally agreed to do so but with the caveat that he would not be identified.  He was a psychic throughout his life, and helped many people contact their loved ones who had passed into the next dimension, especially during the time of World War I.

There are many things in this world that we, because of a reluctance to become curious enough to open our minds, remain unaware of.  I'm happy to see that some scientists are being true to their calling, to investigate deeply things that have not yet been understood or considered.