Saturday, March 27, 2010

Religion distracts from important issues -- an interesting talk

My own opinion:  Religion should be a private affair -- that of a person and his own beliefs about God.  Not organized cults as most religions have become, with an authoritarian hierarchy ruling over sheeple with all kinds of rules, regulations, and dogma (and threats of agonizing punishment if you disobey their teachings--i.e., straight to hell with you).  Is there really that much difference between Christianity (as it is now) and the known cult of Scientology, regarding their organizational structures?  Take a look and come to your own conclusions.  If people want to understand their place in the universe and find God for themselves, they can embark on their own personal journey. I believe anyone who is earnest in wanting the great answers for life will be led to find them, without the "help" of authoritarian organizations who claim to be intermediaries for the people (and collect lots of $$ for their "help"). With abusive "friends"/"helpers" like that, who needs enemies?