Saturday, March 27, 2010

Deaf boys tried to tell about priest's abuse, but no one would listen

The latest information about pedophilia in its ranks is yet another black mark against the Catholic Church and its hierarchy.  I had my own experience with a priest I trusted, who propositioned me (but I was an adult and knew how to say NO).  I know the church is rampant with sexual activity of all kinds among its clergy.  Priests and even Popes (just take a look back in history) have had children and mistresses.  Pedophilia has also been rampant in the church, but in almost all cases the truth was hidden -- with approval from the hierarchy, all the way up to the Papal chair.  With stories like the following coming out now, the Church can no longer turn a blind eye to the physical, emotional and psychological damage that has been done to children over the decades in the Church's modern era (let alone over the centuries!).

A highly recommended documentary gives the case of just one such priest and his many victims, who tell how their lives have been affected by this man (who was shifted from parish to parish, all the while the hierarchy knew about his pedophilia). It is a shocking story, but it happened--and should make any Catholic who sees it very vigilant, to say the least.  Its title is Deliver Us from Evil, and it can be rented from Netflix. It's not a pleasant subject to consider, especially for those who remain in the Catholic Church (where the ranks are rapidly diminishing), but it's important to know what is going on in our world, in order to right the wrongs.  Finally, this information is seeing the light of day, and the Church is being held accountable.  The "let's-keep-the-truth-hidden" trail is leading up to the present Pope's door and also to Pope John Paul II (whom the Church has put on the road to sainthood...hmmm....). 

Here's the latest eye-opening article about the abuse of the deaf boys in Wisconsin: