Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bonanza for drug company! Statin drug FDA-approved for the healthy

The FDA has just approved the drug Crestor for just about everyone!  Hey, are you afraid you might have high cholesterol in the future?  Have we got a drug for you!  And, what's more--you'll have to take it for life!  Side effects? Well, just a few -- could cause your liver to fail and it might cause you to become diabetic...but hey, it's worth it to know you won't get high cholesterol, isn't it?!!!  Raise your hand if you think there is no collusion between the FDA and drug companies. This is what happens When Corporations Rule the World (see book by that title at )  Does the world seem insane to you yet?  If not, read entire article at link below:

AstraZeneca (the pharmaceutical company that sells Crestor) calls the FDA's decision last month to permit Crestor's use as a preventative treatment for healthy people "an important milestone for the company and for the patient."  (Singing: Money, money,'s a rich man's world)

Jim Helm, the drugmaker's vice president for cardiovascular products, told The Times his company was "already discussing this with physicians."

Soon, that dialogue will be aimed directly at the American public. According to The Times' report, AstraZeneca is working on a new advertising campaign for Crestor - targeting a new audience of 6.5 million people under the new diagnosis criteria.