Monday, March 02, 2009

A Reader's Comment on Rush Limbaugh's "oops" re. the Constitution

I think this reader on Huffington Post has made an exceptionally insightful comment on Rush and those who follow him:

This speechification by Rush is an example of why folks like himself, who rely on a narrowly defined audience believing they are correct or nearly correct on every subject, choose to avoid such public forums. They are filled with peril and trouble, as well as they expose the sheer realism of how 'average' these radio pundits are when they attempt to move into political roles.

But, the task is made even more difficult when those attempting such things have lies, racism and delusion at the center of their message, even when they have looked the other way as Bush crushed the spirit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness---their argument seems only relevant and important when they are out of power. Virtually, they have no credibility or honesty about themselves and the reality is that they are not perfect and they don't have some special values and beliefs which are so wonderful that everyone must experience them.

We simply have a bunch of white superiority freaks still trying to convince themselves that they are some unique group with some unique insight into the Constitution, business and finance---yet they have nothing except their own claims by its own membership to back its arguments.