Sunday, November 20, 2016

Trump Can't Stop Tweeting His Anger of ANY kind of criticism

Trump's narcissistic thin skin and inability to overlook (or accept and take to heart!!!) criticism is a character flaw of immense proportions. It will cost him --and us-- dearly in his "deals" with other countries.  I only pray our country will survive his non-stewardship, as he tweets his nightly angst throughout his presidency, in our version of Nero fiddling while Rome burns.

Donald Trump just can't drop his beef with "Saturday Night Live."

The president-elect took time out from the important job of preparing for office to again blast the comedy sketch show over its portrayal of him.

Here's what Trump tweeted on Sunday morning:

While Trump did not directly refer to Baldwin's depiction of him in his latest outburst, the actor did reprise his role of Trump for the first time since the election on Saturday night's show.

It led some bewildered Twitter users to speculate whether Baldwin's impression of the incoming POTUS as being completely out of his depth touched a nerve. Others questioned why Trump, who actually hosted the show in November 2015, was commenting on it at all.