Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Now we know: Trump IS exactly the Ugly Man he showed us he was

For 17 months he showed us who he was, and now he's flagrantly showing us again. He is the @realDonaldTrump — a bottomless abomination of a small, pernicious, utterly clueless man.
Time's up. Trump is the @realDonaldTrump.
by P.M. Carpenter | November 15, 2016

Of all the political mysteries swirling these days, the most mysterious has got to be that community of wise old men who tell us that we must wait to see who the "real Donald Trump" is.

I do not count President Obama among them, who is taking heat from the left for having been so gracious in his press conference yesterday. Obama's rhetorical forbearance was as it should have been; it is not the sitting president's job to further poison the incoming president's sewer. In fact I was rather surprised that Obama went as far as he did, commenting that "There are going to be certain elements of [Trump's] temperament that will not serve him well unless he recognizes them and corrects them." Only abject fools, who appear to constitute 47.3 percent of the American electorate, would fail to comprehend the president's muted observation that Donald J. Trump is a reckless imbecile.

Other wise old men, in both politics and the media, are however furiously engaged in a Trump Normalization Project. Give the man time, they say; let's see how he and his 17 months of naked obscenities shake out. Perhaps he'll rule as a sober, cautious, thoughtful chief executive. The enormity of his new job may temper his many-sided debaucheries.

Well, we've now had a week of the president-elect, and the real Donald Trump has proven himself the @realDonaldTrump. Irrelevant is whether his appointment of Steve Bannon survives the almost universal outrage it has met. The fact will remain: Trump was feckless and careless enough to announce a vicious misogynist and virtual neoNazi as his closest adviser.

Elsewhere, reports the Times, "People with knowledge of [Trump's hiring] process described a series of chaotic discussions." At the helm is a grossly incompetent executive who managed to screw inventors and countless employees as he somehow sank more than one gambling house, the only business on earth in which it is statistically impossible to lose. Such gross and, evidently, perpetual incompetence-cum-choas will soon be in charge of two million federal employees and the world's most powerful military machine. And the normalizing wise old men can't seem to see that the past is incontestable prologue.

Amidst all the "deliberative" chaos, can the factual horror of Steve Bannon be surpassed? Trump is trying this best. Under consideration for secretary of state is none other than that senile paranoid of malevolent gibberish, Rudy Giuliani. This dreadful little blatherskite could well be America's next ambassador to the world. If not Rudy, perhaps John Bolton, a jingoistic jackanapes who has never met a potential war he didn't like.

As the nation's chief law enforcement officer? Trump is pondering Sen. Jeff Sessions, an overt racist who couldn't even pass his preliminary examinations for a federal judgeship.

Thus the ineffable mystery of assorted wise old men who foolishly advise Americans to be patient. Who knows, they say, Trump as president may yet reverse a half-century of vast incompetence, rash misjudgments, pathological mendacity, Bernie Madoff con artistry and other miscellaneous demolitions of human decency. To such foolishness we can only say … For 17 months he showed us who he was, and now he's flagrantly showing us again. He is the @realDonaldTrump — a bottomless abomination of a small, pernicious, utterly clueless man.