Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Humorous moment on FOX news this morning

The long-haired, long-legged Fox women with short skirts and high, high heels were all sitting with legs crossed to reveal their thighs, discussing Trump and his main supporters in Ohio.  They obviously had been coached not to use the term "uneducated" but instead to say, "white men who don't have a college degree."  As one of the women was reading from her notes, she unintentionally started to say "the uned...." and quickly switched to "white men without a college degree."  It's also obvious that the women on FOX are uncomfortable having to support Trump and they do it with very little expression and no enthusiasm.  I would bet a lot of money that when they enter the voting booth, their votes will NOT be for Trump.

As for the uneducated white men who are flocking in droves to support Trump, he has already declared his love for them when he happily declared at one rally, "I love the poorly educated!"  And well he should, because they make up the majority of his Pied Piper followers, with just a very few of more intelligent Republicans strewn here and there among their number (and why those brighter people are still there with the ugly clown in that very dark circus tent I have never been able to figure out!)