Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Leaked Emails Reveal Former Astronaut Wanted To Meet With Obama Official About Alien Life

People like me and my friends who have known about extraterrestrial information for many years now are happy about these leaked e-mails on the subject.  We think it's way past time for this information to be made public.

The truth is that extraterrestrials have been visiting us and working with world governments for many decades.  Several Presidents, including Eisenhower and Reagan, wanted to give this news to the public but were overruled by those who fear that the undeveloped consciousness of millions of Earth humans, especially that of the more conservative/religious types, is not ready for this revelation.  After seeing how many of this type are Trump voters in America and are those who voted for Brexit in the UK, I understand the concerns. 

Can you imagine the paranoid response of gun-toting evangelicals and white supremacist neo-Nazis in finding out we are not alone in the universe -- and that we are not the "greatest" and the "smartest"?  Scary to contemplate.  Just look at how willing they (along with Trump) are to hate any fellow Earth humans whom they consider to be "different" from themselves (different skin color, different religious beliefs, different sexual preference, etc., etc.).  At least half (and probably far more than that) of the people on Earth are still in nursery school, as concerns their understanding of life, the universe and our true nature and origins.  Still, the following leaked e-mails give some indication of the truth of the ET matter.

Intelligent people with open minds will hear this information as an introduction to what is actually true about ourselves and the universe. I think we Earth humans are slated to expand our consciousness in a much quicker manner than has been evidenced up till now.  Expanding ourselves to be global citizens is the first step -- and then, when ready, we can move on to the galactic level.  If interested, please read on:

Leaked Emails Reveal Former Astronaut Wanted To Meet With Obama Official About Alien Life

Apollo 14's Edgar Mitchell was outspoken about his beliefs around extraterrestrial life forms.