Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Travolta defends his cult


With all the damaging personal info. they have on Travolta, he remains their puppet.  Same with Cruise and Kirstie Alley.  If these actors investigated for themselves (assuming they still don't know celebrities are treated differently from run-of-the-mill members) and discovered the damning information is true, they would have to make a challenging decision.  Either leave the cult and take the blows that will surely follow -- or stay and act the part of loyal members (which calls on all their acting skills).

They probably figure it's best to just stay dumb (or pretend to) and turn away from all evidence that screams for them to open their eyes to the truth.  The funny thing is, the world already knows about Travolta's bi-sexuality and it doesn't seem to have hurt him at the box office.  What is more harmful to him is his defense and continuing membership in Scientology, a now-proven cult of the worst kind.



ceresmary said...

Sadly, Scientology has the their stable of known and unknown members (in the closet), by the 'short hairs'. Because if anyone agrees to ANYTHING that is in a anti-Scientology documentary (as I am sure everyone is aware of this), then the "celebrity glove handling" comes off, and the 'rumor mill' begins to discredit the member willing to say anything against Scientology. The biggest problem really is that hollywood is almost owned by L Ron Hubbard followers, ranging from: Spielberg, to high ranking musicians, to actors not willing to say that they belong to this cult, in fear of what happens should they agree they are part of the machine.

So, here's the deal: if you are Oprah (yes, watch the degrees of separation will suggest she is part of the machine) or John Travolta, et al, you either play nice, or risk your dirty laundry being aired, being separated from your family, having everything taken away, including credibility as an actor. You do as they say, or risk your life and livelihood.

This is all my opinion, of course, and I do not represent or know anything other than what I have guessed as members, and what is done to them inside the cult. I was never in Scientology, though the method of discrediting, and breaking a person down until they acquiesce is fairly much the same as any cult.

Back in the 1980's Scientology bought up one of the only known cult reporting group, called CAN (Cult Awareness Network), and took time to discredit very important cult awareness material and people such as Margaret Sanger, Rick Ross, etc, that had done much research into cult mentality and identification.