Monday, March 23, 2015

Suppressed human history now being revealed - a most important video

This is an educational wake-up film that should be viewed by everyone on the planet. The film is 1 hr. and 39 minutes long -- if you can't make time to watch it in entirety, just click on the link -- and go to 39 minutes into it -- watch a bit of that and skip to 43 minutes -- then 54 minutes, then 1:00 -- I guarantee you will hear valuable information from credible scientists, physicists, astronauts, high military and government officials, etc., etc.  These knowledgeable people want the urgent message to get out to the public that we ARE being visited by extraterrestrials.  The details they speak of may surprise or shock you -- but it is essential that we all learn about this information because it is a portent of coming change on this planet. 

Listen to and watch Edgar Mitchell, Gordon Cooper (astronauts), Dr. Stanton Friedman (nuclear physicist), and many, many others who, as you will quickly discover, are very credible as they give information that is about to transform the way we think and act on Earth.  A new paradigm is heading our way, and these people are in the vanguard, trying to prepare us for it. To ignore them and their message is not even an option for intelligent people anymore. If you are someone who has previously laughed at the stories of aliens and UFOs, believing all the government attempts at coverup, you are in for an intense education, if you can overcome your tendency to roll your eyes and ridicule what you have thus far ignored. I think it very possible that you will come away from viewing this film with an entirely different view.  It is hard to ignore the earnestness and honesty of the men and women in the film -- and their impressive credentials.

'The Day Before Disclosure' is a film about the witnesses who were laughed at, the researchers and reporters who weren't believed and the governmental and military personnel that were sworn to silence.   If you find this film valuable, please forward this message to friends.