Monday, December 22, 2014

FINALLY - A major media call for the prosecution of Cheney, Bush, et al

And if you want to see someone who truly has called the criminals in high places to justice, watch Stephen Colbert's roast of G.W. Bush at the Press Corps dinner a few years back.

WOW! Talk about speaking truth to power!!!   Viewing that performance again does my heart so much good!  Makes you long for a courageous genuine reporter to step forward from the ranks of the timid yes-men and women our fourth estate has turned into.  Where is such a journalist?????  WHERE????????????   Looks like the NY Times is finally getting a bit of a spine...but compared to Colbert's talk, it sounds mealy-mouthed.  However, I applaud that the mainstream media are at least mentioning the possibility of Cheney/Bush being criminals.  Good God.  At long last.